Been off this for ages.

Not coming back

email me if you need something. Maybe I'll even tell you where the new one is if you need to know



Still got no internet.

Been writing in my book lots though.

Kinda lonely, but also kinda over the whole idea of compromise, so its not that bad.

Just started playing neverwinter nights last night when I couldn't get to sleep. Seems pretty fun so far, I'm a mage girl called Tzipporah. Not too brutal yet though. Not like Electric Elle on Diablo, who at this point is SERIOUSLY kicking arse. Well, ~ishm she's in nightmare difficulty so has the occasional lightning immune monster and all that.

Home is pretty cool. Smilie and Alana just got back from work/visiting her mum, so the house is full again, which is fun.

I can't seem to think of anything interesting to say, this thing has become so sterile, screw this

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um, wtf @ drama, but like, just to clarify, post whatever you want, videos, music, words, pictures, whatever, thats not what I was saying, I was more lamenting the change of the medium. Nothing more

Le Ramble

Argh, so many things I want to say, want to talk to people about, but I just don't know anyone that I can. So I wonder if I should write it down in a journal, and then I realise I have this. And its like ten times worse. So I look at this, and its just filled with videos social jockeying. Which makes saying anything of any depth stand out like a sore thumb to me, but seems to sink below the interesting level of 99% of other people.

I got one of these 'cos when it started, it was a great way of exchanging stories, made up and real, between kin, friends, people in general. Now its just, yeah, youtube and social jockeying. There was a period there where it was memes and I worried, but I held onto hope 'cos some of the memes were like interviews and you could put in all sorts of weird and pretty things to ignite the mind. But yeah, no more. Not even facebook has that kinda space anymore. It seems to prefer the annoying six-option memes.

First I thought twitter was bollox, 'cos I mean, facebook has that anyway, but the more I think about it (read: write this post) the more I am strongly considering burying everything I have here and just twittering from now on. Not that I will, I may just end up posting on there more often.

I guess I never wanted to be on here to be cool, just to make people think. And since I can't any more, why stay? Like Biggie said, Things done changed. Maybe I should just get a Deviantart. Or write a book. Shit, or compile the better stuff out of all my old books. Hell, I'd love to read that.
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Man, if people are so worried/cut up about their shit being pirated, why don't they start calling their album/song/movie some really generic search-term names? I mean, its kinda funny that the hardest music to pirate is probably the 70s shit, what with names like "Bread" "the band" etc. If I was really fighting piracy, I'd call my band "The" and have albums like "sluts" and "interracial" just to fuck up anyone trying to download my shit without actually having to know people who are into the music who have actually purchased the albums/etc.

Not that I give a shit about it, but I'm just saying. If you really gave a shit, you'd fight it instead of just complain like the whiny little drunk bitch in the corner of the room who doesn't want to go out 'cos they know the bars wont let them in with their friends

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You know what, I'm sick of working so hard for an industry that'd rather shit on me than give me any recognition. Time to jump ship to what job I should have been going for since the start. Ah well, we live and learn, I guess. I tried to do the weird-looking IT guy thing, but the fuckers wouldn't look past the weird-looking (which I suppose is their pejorative). I just can't be bothered helping them any more since they've still not helped me out. I mean, ten years on and I'm still just above minimum wage, thats bullshit.

So I'm going to put holes in people. Slide pieces of silicone and/or plastic under their skin. Burn their flesh in pretty patterns with industrial medical machines. Of course it'll take some training, but I'd rather spend the rest of my life learning and helping an industry that appreciates me than trying to hide myself and getting bum-raped anyway.

Although at this point all I'm willing to do is ear-lobe piercings. I mean, I've never done anyone elses, but even an armature is better than using those filthy guns. I might take longer, but it'll heal right and not get infected by other peoples ear-meat