bunnyshortages (bunnyshortages) wrote,

You know what, I'm sick of working so hard for an industry that'd rather shit on me than give me any recognition. Time to jump ship to what job I should have been going for since the start. Ah well, we live and learn, I guess. I tried to do the weird-looking IT guy thing, but the fuckers wouldn't look past the weird-looking (which I suppose is their pejorative). I just can't be bothered helping them any more since they've still not helped me out. I mean, ten years on and I'm still just above minimum wage, thats bullshit.

So I'm going to put holes in people. Slide pieces of silicone and/or plastic under their skin. Burn their flesh in pretty patterns with industrial medical machines. Of course it'll take some training, but I'd rather spend the rest of my life learning and helping an industry that appreciates me than trying to hide myself and getting bum-raped anyway.

Although at this point all I'm willing to do is ear-lobe piercings. I mean, I've never done anyone elses, but even an armature is better than using those filthy guns. I might take longer, but it'll heal right and not get infected by other peoples ear-meat
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