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Man, if people are so worried/cut up about their shit being pirated, why don't they start calling their album/song/movie some really generic search-term names? I mean, its kinda funny that the hardest music to pirate is probably the 70s shit, what with names like "Bread" "the band" etc. If I was really fighting piracy, I'd call my band "The" and have albums like "sluts" and "interracial" just to fuck up anyone trying to download my shit without actually having to know people who are into the music who have actually purchased the albums/etc.

Not that I give a shit about it, but I'm just saying. If you really gave a shit, you'd fight it instead of just complain like the whiny little drunk bitch in the corner of the room who doesn't want to go out 'cos they know the bars wont let them in with their friends

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