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Argh, so many things I want to say, want to talk to people about, but I just don't know anyone that I can. So I wonder if I should write it down in a journal, and then I realise I have this. And its like ten times worse. So I look at this, and its just filled with videos social jockeying. Which makes saying anything of any depth stand out like a sore thumb to me, but seems to sink below the interesting level of 99% of other people.

I got one of these 'cos when it started, it was a great way of exchanging stories, made up and real, between kin, friends, people in general. Now its just, yeah, youtube and social jockeying. There was a period there where it was memes and I worried, but I held onto hope 'cos some of the memes were like interviews and you could put in all sorts of weird and pretty things to ignite the mind. But yeah, no more. Not even facebook has that kinda space anymore. It seems to prefer the annoying six-option memes.

First I thought twitter was bollox, 'cos I mean, facebook has that anyway, but the more I think about it (read: write this post) the more I am strongly considering burying everything I have here and just twittering from now on. Not that I will, I may just end up posting on there more often.

I guess I never wanted to be on here to be cool, just to make people think. And since I can't any more, why stay? Like Biggie said, Things done changed. Maybe I should just get a Deviantart. Or write a book. Shit, or compile the better stuff out of all my old books. Hell, I'd love to read that.

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