January 17th, 2009


Ash does the happy dance

I got a bad translation of the Japanese version of Pokemon Platinum working! Yay =) Now I just need to get that wifi adapter thingo ...

Um, and I'm hopefully getting a fancy-ass man corset made =) I will be so hawt. Well, hotter than usual anyway. And in a corset! Damn, I so gotta get me a digicam. If not just for posing purposes with new toys, then at least for all the weird/funky shit that I see that doesn't get recorded. I'll trade you some pokemon? =D

Also Millicent Militia Decay turned the ripe age of four yesterday. She got a catnip mouse that she pretty much ignored, along with some kittie treats and a new box of biscuits. She liked the biscuits the most. Weirdo. We should have just got her a can of beans, she would have thought it was Christmas. Weird cat.