February 13th, 2009



I don't mean to reveal my lack of faith in humanity or anything, but. I wonder how long it'll take before the big Australia fire thing gets turned into a hollywood film. And what they'll call it. And if they'll use any Australian actors.

Btw this firestorm phenomenon is not new. There are places in Australia and Africa even where this is a regular event (and the life-cycle of the plants in the area reflects this). Maybe people should try to have a more holistic view on the world when thinking about global warming. Still, kind've a rip that Australia got nailed first instead of like America or China or any other massive polluters. Or maybe it was just arson and can be solved by putting a kid in jail ... I dunno, that theory just looks like a scapegoat so we don't have to dig too deep about the whole situation. We'll see if it happens again next year, see if the annual fire-burn or whatever areas keep growing or what
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