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To the Abyss and back; a hitch-hikers guide

. ♠ . bunny . ♠ . shortages . ♠ .

22 July 1979
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On infinite haitus due to lack of content/allowed content

"Heed those with troubled minds for they have strange wisdoms."

6th Century BC Assyrian wall inscription at Nineveh, near Mosul, Northern Iraq

Oh baby, I remember when you were born,
It was dawn and the storm settled in my belly
And I rolled in the grass and I spit out the gas
And I lit a match and the void went flash
And the sky split and the planets hit,
Balls of jade dropped and existence stopped, stopped,
stop, stop.

I like the sound of the urban din
I like the sound it fits the mood I'm in
The city plays it's manic song
The city plays I want to sing along

I like the sign with the blinking light
I like the sign it makes me feel alright
I like the lights yeah they're soothing me
I like the lights when they get blurry

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I'll be your lover, i'll be forever
I'll be tomorrow, i am anything when i'm high

I am not a furry. My username is an anagram of my birth name. Think of it as a test.

I like my boys in makeup and my girls in power

Gay marriage is still love.

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I don't need a music Scene to tell me who I am
I don't need a music Scene to tell me who I am

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